Texas Safri - Game Hunting

by Gayne Young

Texas Safri - Game Hunting Guide

The first and only complete guide to hunting the Lone Star State

It´s the only guide that includes:
(1) Profiles of native and exotic species, predatory and small game;
(2) Information on both private and public hunting areas;
(3) Information on the state´s 10 vegetational zones including topography, climate, and available species;
(4) Profiles and information on the dangerous insects, plants, and diseases that often plague hunters;
(5) Sidebar articles on historic hunts, hunting methods, and equipment;
Texas Safari: The Game Hunter´s Guide to Texas will prove to be the one guidebook hunters will take to the field again and again.


Craig Boddington, Executive Field Editor, InterMedia Outdoor Group

"Unlike so many hunting books, Gayne Young has linked our rich hunting history to our modern hunting culture. His book offers a unique blend of legend and invaluable current information. Texans will love it . . . and the rest of us will want to see Texas."

Doug Howlett, Articles Editor, Outdoor Life Magazine

"Texas is the ultimate destination for the sportsman who dreams of record-book whitetails, long-tusked boars, and a shot at a once-in-a-lifetime exotic, and Gayne Young´s insight into the land, animals, and hunting opportunities of his home state make this the ultimate guide to realize that dream."

Michael Schoby, author of Hunter´s Guide to Whitetail Rifles and Successful Predator Hunting

"Extremely well written, historically accurate and a wealth of information, Texas Safari is sure to be the resource for hunters wishing to hunt the great state of Texas. Gayne Young has hit a home run with this Lone Star masterpiece!"

About the Author

Gayne C. Young´s work has appeared in such magazines as Sporting Classics, Sports Afield, Outdoor Life, and Gray´s Sporting Journal. Feel free to contact him through his website at » READ ON...www.gaynecyoung.com.

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